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How I got started in birth photography

I was introduced to birth photography when my close friend asked me to photograph the birth of her son. My experience was so wonderful and the response so positive that I decided to offer my services as a birth photographer in and around the greater Los Angeles area. You can read about the stories behind some of these photos on my blog.

This is an extremely important and personal life event. Allow me to become invisible as I capture the beautiful moments of a growing family.

Birth Photography Services

My birth photography services include an in-person meeting with you to discuss your expectations and answer any questions, photographs starting from your call until two hours post-birth, a handful of photographs immediately following to send to family and friends, and a DVD of all of the hi-resolution, professionally-corrected digital files within one week. I will also post a password-protected, online photo gallery for you to share with family and friends.

Please get in touch to check my availability.

International Association of Professional Birth Photographers

Here are some fantastic articles that discuss what birth photography is
and why it is becoming incredibly popular:

Canada – The Globe and Mail “Take a look: The new must-have for mothers-to-be is professional birth photography”
“The first time people hear about birth photography, their reaction is to go ‘ewww.’ They think birth is graphic, but it’s not….Once they see a birth story through a professional lens they want those photos in their own family albums.”

London’s Daily Star “Smile! New parents opting to have photos taken at their child’s birth in latest UK trend”
“The pictures created are tasteful and precious, capturing the most intimate and special moments, such as the babies first breath or the first skin to skin contact between the mother and her baby.”

Australia – Quest News “Birthography gaining in popularity”
“Basically you don’t want your partner doing other things….You want them there to be supporting you when you’re giving birth and not worrying about capturing the moments- you can’t actually live in the moment if you’re trying to capture the memory.”

Philippine Daily Inquirer “Having an eye on a very special moment”
“[B]irth photography is about ensuring that this special time in a family’s life will not be forgotten.”