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When I was a little girl, my brother was gifted with a beautiful Honda MR50 dirt bike. I got a Barbie. This is how early I was fed the false notion that motorcycles are for boys.

I learned to ride on that tiny dirt bike when I was seven years old. As time went on, I would ride friends around on our Honda Trail 70 whenever the parents went away on vacation and I would ride friends’ and boyfriends’ bikes whenever I got the chance, but I never had a bike of my own. It took so, so many years for me to finally recognize that being male is not a prerequisite to having a motorcycle. I have two bikes now and ride regularly with an amazing group of women, but I wish I had started earlier. I wish I had been encouraged at a younger age, regardless of my gender, to do the thing I love to do.

Girls Ride Moto is a documentary currently in production which seeks to crush the stereotypes that prevent girls from getting on bikes. We are gathering information from males and females of all ages like you to shape the narrative, so please take a few minutes to fill out the Girls Ride Moto survey. If you are interested, we may select you to participate in an on-camera interview.

If you either ride a motorcycle or don’t ride but would like to, we want to hear from you!

Thank you in advance for your input and please follow theĀ Girls Ride Moto Facebook page for updates on the film’s progress.

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Danny and his new bike

Me on the back

Danny teaching me to ride