Laura Evans = Lana Von Haught

Why all the confusion? Why two names? Who is this “Laura Evans” person anyway?
When I started making videos years ago, I used my legal name Laura Evans. When I started getting serious about photography, I realized there were a GAZILLION Laura Evanses out in the world already, a few of which were professional photographers. Do a google search for Laura Evans and there are hundreds of them, none of which are me.
In order to make myself stand out from the other Laura Evanses and make it easier to find me online, I decided to use my rock band alias, Lana Von Haught. No one has this name that I can find and any online search will reveal me in the top results. Mission accomplished!
So if you see the name Laura Evans tied to my body of work, or if you see someone comment “Great work Laura!” online, you will know that we are one-in-the-same. Feel free to call me Lana or Laura, as I have no preference and will answer to both.
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